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How to Configure ILO in HP server

This step is required only if you want to use a static IP address. When you use dynamic IP addressing, the DHCP server automatically assigns an IP address for iLO.

To simplify installation, Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends using DNS or DHCP with iLO. (Best Web Hosting Provider)


  1. (Optional) If you access the server remotely, start an iLO remote console session.
  2. Restart or power on the server.
  3. Press F9in the server POST screen.

The UEFI System Utilities start. (Free VPS Server)

  1. Click System Configuration.
  2. Click iLO 5 Configuration Utility.
  3. Disable DHCP:
    1. Click Network Options.
    2. Select OFF in the DHCP Enable

The IP AddressSubnet Mask, and Gateway IP Address boxes become editable. When DHCP Enable is set to ON, you cannot edit these values.

  1. Enter values in the IP AddressSubnet Mask, and Gateway IP Address
  2. To save the changes and exit, press F12. (Server hosting in India)

The iLO 5 Configuration Utility prompts you to confirm that you want to save the pending configuration changes.

  1. To save and exit, click Yes – Save Changes.

The iLO 5 Configuration Utility notifies you that iLO must be reset in order for the changes to take effect.

  1. Click OK(best dedicated server hosting)

iLO resets, and the iLO session is automatically ended. You can reconnect in approximately 30 seconds.

  1. Resume the normal boot process:
    1. Start the iLO remote console.

The iLO 5 Configuration Utility is still open from the previous session.

  1. Press ESC several times to navigate to the System Configuration (dedicated server hosting)

To exit the System Utilities and resume the normal boot process, click Exit and resume system boot