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How to install a PHP version in WHM

Enhance your server’s functionality by installing the desired PHP version using EasyApache 4:

Step 1: Access your WHM panel as the root user, ensuring you have administrator privileges. (Best Web Hosting Provider)


Step 2: Navigate to EasyApache 4, an intuitive tool within WHM that allows you to customize your server’s software packages.


Step 3: Under the section labelled “Currently Installed Packages,” locate the “Customize” button and click on it.


Step 4: Click on “PHP Versions” to view a list of available PHP versions. (India server hosting)


Step 5: Identify the specific PHP version you wish to install and click the switch icon located to the far right of that version.


Step 6: A confirmation prompt will appear, providing you with two options: installing solely the PHP version or installing both the PHP version and its associated extensions. Choose the option that aligns with your needs. (best dedicated server hosting)


Step 7: Click the “Review” button to verify the changes you’ve made. Ensure that the PHP version you selected is correctly displayed as pending installation.


¬†Finally, click the “Provision” button to initiate the installation process. EasyApache 4 will proceed to install the selected PHP version and any accompanying extensions, enhancing the capabilities of your server. (Free VPS Provider)