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How to Manage Multiple cPanel Accounts with WHM

Mastering Multiple cPanel Accounts with WHM: A User-Friendly Guide

Managing multiple cPanel accounts using WHM may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s a simplified guide to help you get started:

Relationship 101: (Best VPS provider)

Think of WHM (Web Host Manager) as the boss, and cPanel as the employees. WHM manages the whole server, while cPanel lets individual users control their own hosting spaces.

Getting into WHM:

To enter WHM, type your server’s IP address or domain name into a web browser, followed by the port number (usually 2087). For example: https://yourserverip:2087  (Free Windows VPS Server)

Creating a New cPanel Account:

  1. Go to “Account Functions” > “Create a New Account” in WHM.

  2. Enter the domain name, username, password, and package details.

  3. Hit “Create” to bring your new account to life.

Managing Existing Accounts:

Navigate to “Account Information” > “List Accounts” in WHM. Here, you can see all cPanel accounts and do things like suspend, unsuspend, or delete them.

Reseller Accounts:

Reseller accounts let you create and manage cPanel accounts for others under your main account. To create a reseller account, follow these steps in WHM: (Best Web Hosting India)

Transferring Accounts:

You can move cPanel accounts between servers using WHM’s “Transfers” feature. Just remember to follow best practices for a smooth transition.

Package Management:

Packages in WHM define resource limits and features for cPanel accounts. You can create and edit packages to customize each account’s capabilities.

DNS Zone Control:

WHM lets you manage DNS zones for all cPanel accounts on the server. It’s easy to add, edit, or remove DNS records to ensure your website traffic flows smoothly. (Low cost VPS hosting)

Security Matters:

Don’t forget about security! Use strong passwords, enable 2FA, and run regular security checks to keep your accounts safe.


Managing multiple cPanel accounts with WHM isn’t rocket science. By following these steps and exploring other WHM features, you can streamline your account management and ensure your hosting environment runs like a well-oiled machine. (dedicated server hosting)