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How to Log in to the iDRAC

Logging into the Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC)


  1. Acquire iDRAC IP Address: (Best VPS provider)

    • Retrieve the iDRAC IP address from the server’s BIOS settings or through your network administrator.

  2. Launch Web Browser:

    • Open a web browser and input the obtained iDRAC IP address into the address bar.

  3. Authentication: (Free Windows VPS Server)

    • The iDRAC web interface will prompt for a username and password. 

  4. Default Credentials:

    • If the default credentials have not been modified, enter “root” for the username and “calvin” for the password.

  5. Password Modification (Recommended): 

    • It is prudent to change the default password upon initial login for enhanced security. (Low cost VPS hosting)

  6. Navigating the iDRAC Interface: 

    • Once authenticated, access the iDRAC web interface to configure settings, monitor the server, and perform remote management tasks. (Best Web Hosting India)

  7. Logout:

    • Once tasks are completed, it is imperative to log out of the iDRAC web interface to ensure unauthorized access is prevented.