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How to Upload a Website on cPanel

After familiarizing yourself with cPanel, the next step is to upload your website to cPanel. The following steps will guide you through the process of transferring website files to the server and editing uploaded files. Follow these steps to upload your website files in cPanel:

1.Login to cPanel

If you are using cPanel to manage your website for the first time, contact your web hosting company for the login credentials. Once you have the login information, access the cPanel system by visiting www.domainname.com/cPanel or using the link provided by your hosting services provider.

2.Click on the File Manager

After logging into cPanel, navigate to the home page of the control panel and select “File Manager.” Choose “public_html” from the list of options displayed. If you have multiple domains linked to your hosting account, select the respective domain folder before uploading the files.

3.Create a New Website Folder

Upload the file with its index name and any file extension required.

4.Upload the Zip File

Choose and upload the zip file to the server by following these steps:

Double-click the folder and navigate inside.

Click on the ‘upload’ option to transfer the files via cPanel.

Select the compressed zip file in the ‘select’ tab.

Wait for the green progress bar to complete the upload.

5.Extract the Zipped Files

After uploading the zip file, extract it to make the content live on your website.

Once the files are uploaded and extracted, your website will be ready to go live. You can now load the site and see how it appears on the web.

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