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How to Backup and Restore with CyberPanel?

How to Backup and Restore with CyberPanel?

How to Backup and Restore with CyberPanel? Creating and reinstating a backup is a task you can perform on any hosting control panel. In our previous discussions, we have delved into numerous aspects of CyberPanel, an open-source control panel.

We have elaborated on its installation, how to add a website, access webmail, and more. In this discourse, we shall elucidate the procedure for creating a backup on CyberPanel.

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The Imperative of Backups

How to Backup and Restore with CyberPanel? Possessing a backup is indispensable. Regardless of the magnitude of your website or the data it harbors on the server, maintaining a backup is crucial. In the absence of one, should an untoward incident occur affecting your website’s files, the repercussions could be irreparable. Hence, it is paramount to routinely create backups of your files.

How to Backup and Restore with CyberPanel?

Crafting a Backup on CyberPanel

Within CyberPanel’s Dashboard, there is a designated tab named Backup. This option is also accessible in the menu on the left.

You will encounter options such as Backup, Restore, and others. Click on the Backup button to initiate the backup process. Select your preferred parameters from these dropdowns:

  • Website: The specific site for which you wish to create a backup.
  • Destination: The directory path in the file manager where you desire the backup to be stored.

Proceed by clicking the create backup button to commence the procedure.

In the event you do not specify a Destination, the backup will be automatically saved in the Home/backup directory by default. By clicking on the backup file, you can download it to your local drive (your computer).

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Restoring a Backup on CyberPanel

How to Backup and Restore with CyberPanel? If your files encounter any issues or you accidentally alter the code, fret not! Simply restore your most recent backup and you’re back in operation. Restoring a backup on CyberPanel is a straightforward task. Here’s how:

Similar to the backup process, navigate to the Backup tab from the dashboard. In the subsequent window, click on the restore option. Select the backup you intend to restore, ideally the latest one you created, and then click restore.

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How to Backup and Restore with CyberPanel?

Another Method For How to Backup and Restore with CyberPanel

How to Backup and Restore with CyberPanel? CyberPanel offers a seamless utility for the preservation and retrieval of your website’s files and databases. Herein, you will discover the methodology to execute backup and restoration tasks utilizing CyberPanel:

Step 1: Access CyberPanel Initiate by accessing CyberPanel via your web browser. Ordinarily, CyberPanel can be reached at “https://server_ip_address:8090”. Input your username and password to gain entry.

Step 2: Navigate to the Backup Utility Upon successful login, proceed to the “Backup” section located in the left-hand navigation pane. This section will guide you to an interface replete with tools for both backup and restoration.

Step 3: Define Backup Parameters Within the backup interface, you will encounter an array of options for safeguarding your files and databases. Common selections include “File Backup” and “Database Backup”. Opt for the choice that aligns with your requisites.

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How to Backup and Restore with CyberPanel?

Step 4: Commence the Backup Operation After selecting your preferred backup options, activate the process by clicking a button labeled “Backup” or an equivalent. CyberPanel will commence the procedure of securing your files and databases.

Step 5: Secure or Download the Backup Upon completion of the backup process, options will be presented to either download the backup to your local machine or store it securely. Choose the option that best ensures the safety of your data.

Step 6: Undertake Restoration When restoration becomes necessary, employ the “Restore” function within the “Backup” section. Select the appropriate backup and initiate the restoration procedure.

Step 7: Affirm the Restoration Process Before commencing with the restoration, CyberPanel will prompt for confirmation of the action. Confirm to proceed with the restoration.

Step 8: Supervise the Restoration Monitor the restoration process diligently to verify the successful reconstitution of your files and databases. Post-restoration, confirm that your website operates as anticipated.

How to Backup and Restore with CyberPanel? By adhering to these steps, you will have effectively backed up and restored your website using CyberPanel, thereby safeguarding the security and integrity of your site’s data.