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How to Troubleshoot Cyber Panel issues

When managing a website with Cyber Panel, you might encounter various issues that need troubleshooting. Here’s a guide to help you address some common problems:

1. Cyber Panel Not Loading (Best VPS provider)
Check Services: Ensure that necessary services (Cyber Panel, OpenLiteSpeed, MariaDB) are running.
# [ sudo systemctl status lscpd ]
# [ sudo systemctl status lsws ]
# [ sudo systemctl status mariadb ]

Restart Services: If any services are not running, restart them
# [ sudo systemctl restart lscpd ]
# [ sudo systemctl restart lsws ]
# [ sudo systemctl restart mariadb ]

Check Firewall: Ensure that your firewall settings are not blocking port 8090 (Cyber Panel’s default port).
# [ sudo ufw allow 8090/tcp ]

2. Cannot Log In to Cyber Panel (Free Windows VPS Server)
Check Credentials: Ensure you are using the correct username and password. The default admin username is admin.

Reset Password: If you have forgotten your password, reset it using the command line.
# [ sudo adminPass <newpassword> ]

3. Website Not Loading
Check DNS Settings: Ensure that your domain’s DNS settings are correctly pointing to your VPS IP address. Use tools like WhatsMyDNS to check DNS propagation.

Verify Web Server Status: Make sure the web server (OpenLiteSpeed) is running.
# [ sudo systemctl status lsws ]
# [ sudo systemctl restart lsws ]

Check Virtual Host Configuration: Ensure that your website’s virtual host is properly configured in Cyber Panel.
Navigate to “Websites” > “List Websites” and verify the configuration.

Review Logs: Check the web server and application logs for errors.
OpenLiteSpeed logs: ‘/usr/local/lsws/logs/error.log’
Website error logs: Navigate to “Logs” in Cyber Panel. (Best Web Hosting in India)

4. Database Connection Errors
Check Database Service: Ensure that MariaDB is running.
# [ sudo systemctl status mariadb ]
# [ sudo systemctl restart mariadb ]

Verify Database Credentials: Ensure that the database username, password, and database name in your application’s configuration files are correct.

Repair Database: If the database is corrupted, attempt to repair it.
# [ mysqlcheck -u root -p –auto-repair –all-databases ]

5. Email Issues
Check Email Settings: Ensure that email settings in Cyber Panel and your email client are correctly configured.

Check Mail Server Status: Ensure that the mail server (Postfix) is running.
# [ sudo systemctl status postfix ]
# [ sudo systemctl restart postfix ]

Review Mail Logs: Check mail logs for errors.
Mail logs: ‘/var/log/mail.log’

6. SSL Certificate Issues (Low cost VPS hosting)
Check SSL Configuration: Ensure that SSL is correctly configured for your domain in Cyber Panel.
Navigate to “Websites” > “List Websites” > select your domain > “SSL” and verify the settings.
Renew SSL Certificate: If your SSL certificate has expired, renew it.
# [ sudo certbot renew ]

Check OpenLiteSpeed Configuration: Ensure that OpenLiteSpeed is correctly configured to use the SSL certificate.

Navigate to “Web Admin” > “Listeners” > “SSL” and verify the certificate paths.

7. High CPU or Memory Usage
Monitor Resource Usage: Use tools like ‘top’, ‘htop’, or Cyber Panel’s built-in monitoring tools to identify resource-heavy processes.
# [ top ]
# [ htop ]

Optimize Services: Optimize web server settings, database configuration, and application code to reduce resource usage.

Upgrade VPS: If resource usage is consistently high, consider upgrading your VPS plan to get more CPU and RAM.

8. Backup and Restore Issues  (Free VPS Provider in India)
Check Backup Settings: Ensure that backup settings are correctly configured in Cyber Panel.
Navigate to “Backups” > “Create Backup” and verify the settings.

Check Disk Space: Ensure that there is enough disk space available for backups.
# [ df -h ]

9. Error Messages in Cyber Panel 
Review Error Logs: Check Cyber Panel error logs for detailed error messages.
Cyber Panel logs: ‘/usr/local/lscp/logs/error.log’

Search Documentation: Refer to Cyber Panel’s documentation and forums for solutions to specific error messages.

By following these troubleshooting steps, you can resolve common issues encountered while using Cyber Panel and ensure your server and websites run smoothly. Regular monitoring and maintenance are key to preventing and quickly addressing problems. (dedicated server hosting)